Advancing Agriculture Pty Ltd trading as ConsultAg (“ConsultAg”) is an umbrella service company that provides administrative and support services to Members of ConsultAg.

The sole purpose of ConsultAg is to provide Members with shared resources so that the Members can service their Clients more efficiently and effectively. ConsultAg does not provide advice or consulting services directly to any Clients. Each Member alone is responsible for their advice and their consulting services to their Clients. ConsultAg, and the other Members, are not liable for the advice or consulting services or actions, provided or omitted, by each individual Member to their Clients.

The Members of ConsultAg are the agricultural consulting firms;

  • Arohane Pty Ltd owned and operated by Steve Curtin
  • AgriConsulting Pty Ltd owned and operated by Kim Povey and employing Matt Grey
  • Moogakine Pty Ltd owned and operated by David Sermon
  • Tarwonga Pty Ltd owned and operated by Garren Knell and employing Trent Butcher, Jordy Medlen and Gray Yates
  • FarmVision Pty Ltd owned and operated by Richard Vincent
  • Farm Focus Consultants Pty Ltd owned and operated by Geoff Fosbery
  • Cropportunity Pty Ltd owned and operated by Ben Whisson and employing Justine Tyson
  • Plant Profit Consulting Pty Ltd owned and operated by Wyatt Verhoogt and employing Jo Hunter
  • Prosper Agri Pty Ltd owned and operated by Nathaniel O’Hare
  • Esperance Private Agronomy WA Pty Ltd owned and operated by Sean Randell
  • Primary Agronomy 2018 Pty Ltd owned and operated by Frank Boetel and employing Myles Prasser-Jones

Who Provides Advice

ConsultAg does not provide advice or consulting services directly to any Clients. The directors and employees of ConsultAg only have authority in relation to the administrative and support services provided by ConsultAg to Members, and are not authorised on behalf of ConsultAg to provide advice or consulting services to Clients.

Members of ConsultAg provide advice and consulting services to their farming Clients. The relationship you have with your Adviser, the types of advice they provide, and the terms and conditions under which that advice is provided, is outlined in the Letter Of Engagement your Adviser provides you. The directors and employees of ConsultAg, and the other Members of ConsultAg, cannot provide advice and consulting services to you which will take into account your specific circumstances, goals and objectives. Only your Adviser can do this.

The Benefits of Membership

The Members of ConsultAg believe that agricultural systems are complex and require specialisation to provide accurate and up-to-date advice. The Members recognise that collectively they can provide a greater level of service to their individual Clients than they otherwise could provide operating alone. Members have access to a pool of administrative and support resources and information to the benefit of their Clients.

Members are permitted to use the ConsultAg logo to illustrate that they have access to the shared pool of administrative and support resources that assist the Member to service their Clients. In return, Members provide resources to ConsultAg that form the basis of the ConsultAg “Extension Package”.

Where Members provide services to the same Client, they agree to share information between Members to the benefit of the Client. This may include, but is not limited to, providing assessment of crop performance, management ability, financial position and other relevant data.

If you do not want your Client information shared between ConsultAg Members, you will need to notify your Adviser in writing.

As part of the membership agreement, all ConsultAg Members indemnify ConsultAg from any action Clients make take against the Member or ConsultAg. Members also agree to operate under the ConsultAg privacy policy which holds Client information in the strictest confidence and is available on our web site.

ConsultAg Extension Package

You may be a “Subscriber” to ConsultAg “Extension Package”. ConsultAg provides a monthly newsletter, Fast Facts, Grower Averages, Spray Guide, Seminars, Field Walks and other publications as part of their Extension Package.

The Extension Package is an information only service provided by ConsultAg Members jointly for the benefit of Member Clients. These publications do not constitute advice and do not take into account your personal circumstances, goals and objectives.

Using Other ConsultAg Member Services

You can access the specialised services and expertise of other ConsultAg Members. Where the provision of these services are ongoing, you will be provided with a separate letter of engagement that will identify the services provided to you by the other ConsultAg Member.

Members also provide backup consulting services to Clients who cannot utilise the services of their Adviser either because they are on holidays, temporarily unavailable or are unable to assist due to a conflict of interest. In such circumstances, the provision of advice is by the Member that provides the advice or consulting services.

The Client is bound by the terms and conditions of the Adviser providing the advice as stated in their letter of engagement. The client can request a copy of the other Members letter of engagement before relying on advice.

MarketAg Pty Ltd

MarketAg Pty Ltd (“MarketAg”) is a separate legal entity that provides grain marketing advice to clients under its financial services license. MarketAg is not a Member of the ConsultAg Group. You may receive advice from your Adviser in their capacity as an authorised representative of MarketAg. These activities relate specifically to the marketing of grain including the physical trade of grain and/or the use of agricultural commodity and foreign exchange derivatives and products.

Where you have engaged MarketAg services and been issued a Letter of Engagement by them, the advice you receive is provided by MarketAg and is bound by the letter of engagement issued to you by MarketAg.

Grain Market Pty Ltd

Grain Market Pty Ltd (“Grain Market”) is a separate legal entity and provides client management systems to agricultural businesses. Grain Market is not a Member of the ConsultAg Group. Your Adviser may utilise Grain Market systems and platforms to provide information, advice and recommendations to you. In such circumstances, the advice has been provided by your Adviser.


In the section above and in Member Letter of Engagements, the following words have the specific meanings.

Advancing Agriculture Pty Ltd trading as ConsultAg, a service company providing administrative and support services to its Members.
a farm consulting firm that has been granted membership to the ConsultAg Group by the directors of ConsultAg and who is listed on the ConsultAg web site as a Member.
a grower, farmer or agricultural business owner who receives advice from a Member. At all times, the Client is the client of the Member, not ConsultAg, as outlined in the Member – Client Letter of Engagement.
written or verbal instruction, information or advice that the Member makes to the Client.
the Member of ConsultAg that provides advice and consulting services to its Clients.
Letter of Engagement
Document outlining the consulting relationship, terms and conditions between the Member and the Client.
Extension Package
An information service provided by ConsultAg. Made available to ConsultAg Member Clients on a Subscription basis.

Privacy and Spam Policy

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