We can help co-ordinate and facilitate your R&D initiatives

ConsultAg provides co-ordination of on farm trials by assisting in the design, management and analysis of farmer and farmer group research. Research involves both agronomic and economic analysis.

ConsultAg has been involved in several Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) projects including:

CAG1 Financial Impacts of Frost on the WA Grains Industry HOR6 Assessing Risk to Encourage Farm Change CFG2 Precision Farming for Profit and Sustainability CFIG002 Agronomic Practice to Minimise Frost

Current projects include:

  • Canopy Managaement
  • Grain and Graze
  • Yield Profit


By having a focus, clients achieve better personal and business results. We assist in the development of a business plan incorporating 10 areas, which are key drivers of the business.

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